Retailer Information

Fee Remittance

All retailers in the province that sell new tires and/or vehicles or equipment with new tires must participate in the SSTC’s scrap tire management program.

This includes retailers of tires, new vehicles, leased vehicles, commercial trucks/trailers, agriculture implements, industrial equipment, recreational vehicles (campers/RVs, ATVs, boats/trailers, etc.), motorcycles, and some lawn and garden equipment.

Registration with the program is quite simple, and forms are available by:

– Contacting us by email
– Calling us at (306) 721-8473
– Download the registration form from the Resources page of the website.

Upon registration, you will be mailed a copy of the process registration form, of which will indicate your SSTC Retailer Registration Number. As well, you will be sent a Retailer Handbook, Remittance Forms, Customer Counter Cards, and a Tire Recycling Fee Schedule.

Tire Recycling Fees

The tire recycling program operates as a user-pay system. Consumers pay a tire recycling fee (TRF) on every new tire purchased in the province. All fees collected go exclusively towards the operation of the scrap tire recycling program and are used primarily to pay for transporting and recycling Saskatchewan’s scrap tires to ensure proper disposal in environmentally responsible ways.

There are over 1,350 retailers who sell tires in Saskatchewan, either as a stand-alone product, or as part of new vehicles, farm implements, pieces of equipment, etc. The program requires that retailers collect a TRF on every new tire sold and remit it to the SSTC to cover the costs of the recycling program. When retailers put new tires on a consumer’s vehicle, retailers also hold and store the old tires until they are collected by the program.

The TRFs vary by tire type in order to adequately compensate for the higher cost of collecting and disposing the various tire sizes. The current fee structure can be found in the Tire Recycling Fee Schedule.



Provincial legislation requires that all retailers in Saskatchewan who sell new tires as part of their business operations, must establish a provincially approved “product management program” for the proper handling of their scrap tires, or they must enter into an agreement with an entity willing to operate and provide such a program on their behalf. There are no exemptions to this requirement.

The SSTC is the approved product management program in Saskatchewan.

The legislation is maintained and enforced by the provincial government. If you have any questions or concerns about the legislation or the illegal disposal of scrap tires, please feel free to call the SSTC at (306) 721-8473.

The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010

The Scrap Tire Management Regulations


The Summary Offences Procedure Act, 1990

Rate Changes

Under the terms of the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Management Regulations, the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) submitted the 2014-2018 Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation Product Management Plan for the Minister’s review and approval.

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