Mission and History


The mission of the SSTC is to develop, implement, and maintain a single, cost-effective, and province-wide tire recycling program on behalf of its stakeholders and the people of Saskatchewan. As such, the SSTC is accountable to its stakeholders, the provincial government, and the public, for the collection, processing, and environmentally sound disposal of scrap tires in Saskatchewan.


The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation, established in 1996, is a provincially incorporated, non-profit organization governed by a seven member volunteer board. The SSTC is the only organization approved by the Ministry of Environment to administer a Product Management Plan for scrap tires, on behalf of tire retailers and sellers that are required to meet the terms set out in the Scrap Tire Management Regulations (1998).

The Scrap Tire Management Regulations (1998) contain two requirements that make the SSTC unique amongst its Canadian peers; the uniqueness of which has material implications for both the operations and the financial requirements of Saskatchewan’s Product Management Plan (2014 – 2018) for scrap tires.

The requirements are:

  1. The collection and recycling of stockpiled scrap tires must, by regulation, be included in the approved scrap tire management programs. Saskatchewan is the only western province to include this requirement in the regulation. The two programs that fulfill this requirement are branded as the Black Gold Rush program and the Return to Retailer(R2R) program.
  2. All types of scrap tires must be accepted for collection, recycling, and management, including tires used on farming and agricultural machinery, as well as larger off-the-road tires (OTR) such as those used in mining operations. To date, Manitoba is the only other province that has this requirement.

Prior to 1996, most of the scrap tires in the province ended up in landfills as domestic waste, were stockpiled, buried, burned, or dumped indiscriminately throughout the province.

The SSTC and its stakeholders are committed to ensuring that all of the tire recycling fees (TRFs), paid by consumers, are used to recycle and promote the recycling of scrap tires within the province.

The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) delivers a province-wide tire recycling program.

The SSTC stewardship program is comprised of three phases:

Phase I (Ongoing) – Current Generation Tires: The daily activity of collecting scrap tires accumulated at the retail level. The tires are picked up by SSTC collectors to divert them from disposal in landfills. This is done at no cost to the tire retailer.

Phase II (Complete) – Landfill Clean-Up: Removal of pre-program tires from all registered cities, towns, rural municipalities, and villages that pass a by-law prohibiting the disposal of scrap tires in their community landfills. This phase was completed in 2009, and was only possible through the generation of surplus revenues from the program.

Phase III (In Progress) – Private Stockpiles: This phase is the Black Gold Rush program. This is the removal of scrap tires that are privately owned on farmland and private property. This initiative by the SSTC is a one-time, free service. The policies of this phase are not extended to private retailers.