Black Gold Rush

The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation has made considerable progress with its Black Gold Rush program, having removed scrap tires from 227 RMs to date. As the Black Gold Rush program is funded with the SSTC’s surplus dollars, and the SSTC has experienced financial losses the past 2 years, this program will be put on HOLD until the corporation has the opportunity to build a surplus.
Please contact the SSTC office if you have questions.

The Black Gold Rush program offered by the SSTC in Saskatchewan is aimed at cleaning up all scrap tires on private property and farmland. This gives landowners the opportunity to rid themselves of scrap tires at no cost.

The Black Gold Rush will be a one-time free service provided by SSTC. Once the tire collection has been completed within a designated municipality, the SSTC will not be conducting any further tire collections in the area. Municipalities and service groups will play key roles in this project. Municipality administrations will be responsible for communicating collection information, knowing tire locations and updating the public on the collection process. It will be the responsibility of local service groups to work closely with the municipalities to identify and collect tire stockpiles and centralize them for pickup.

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